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Symposium: From DIVISION to VISION With Keiichiro Hirano and Oussouby Sacko

9/20 Sun. 13:30 - 14:30

Online 'LIVE' through the official accounts: YouTube



Join Keiichiro Hirano and Oussouby Sacko while they discuss important issues and inequalities dividing society.
Using KYOTOGRAPHIE as a lens they look for a new VISION.
Keiichiro Hirano
Keiichiro Hirano was born in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture, and raised in Kitakyushu City. He graduated from the law department of Kyoto University. He contributed a novel “Eclipse” to a literary magazine “Shincho” in 1999, while he was studying at the university, and the novel received the 120th Akutagawa Prize, and it was sold 400,000 copies, and became the best seller. After that, he has been publishing various titles, and attracts readers with changing his style of writing in each novel. His works has been translated and published in many languages. In 2004, he stayed at Paris during a year as a Japan Cultural Envoy of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan. He has profound knowledge of art and music, and he has written reviews in wide range or genres. During 2009 to 2016, he was in charge of “Art Review” of the newspaper Nikkei. Also, he held an exhibition “Calles from Extraordinary – The Masterpieces of Western Art Selected by Keiichiro Hirano” as a guest curator of The National Museum of Western Art in 2014. In the same year, he received the Chevalier of the Order of French Arts and Culture. He also actively collaborates with artists of variety of genres. He wrote novels as “Farewell to the Departed”, “Ripples of the Dripping Clocks”, “Dawn”, “Fill in the Blanks”, “The Transparent Labyrinth”, “At the End of the Matinee”, “A MAN”, and so on. Also he wrote several essays and interview collections such as “Whereabout of Vitality -Changing World and Dividualism”, “What is it to be an I? From Individual to Dividual”, “The Thinking Reed”, “What is Kakkoii-Japanese coolness?” and so on. The novel “At The End of the Matinee” has been cinematized in 2019, and is a long seller title which has been sold more than 580,000 copies.
Oussouby SACKO
Born in Mali in 1966, Oussouby SACKO studied architecture in China, arriving in Japan in 1991, he earned his PhD at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture. His research explores the relationships between society and architectural space. His publications include Literacy and Culture of Knowledge (Nakanishiya Publishing, 2007) and Contemporary African Culture Today (Seigensha, 2020). He joined Kyoto Seika University in 2001 and was promoted to Professor in 2013. On April 1, 2018, he was elected as the President of the University.

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